When we started this blog in 2018 the vision was to use it to awaken the minds of academicians in universities in Nigeria and indeed Africa and other significant stakeholders to the appalling realization that God blessed Nigeria and Africa with abundant natural and mineral resources resources which unfortunately, they are unable to harness. The mission was to revisit our science and engineering curricula in order to make them more relevant to the needs and aspirations of the society. All these efforts will hopefully be integrated with entrepreneurial education.

Only recently, Aljazera showed a documentary of rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where poverty stricken children, men and women were busy digging for cobalt, a mineral needed by multinationals to manufacture battery and the question that agitated our minds was: how comes African leaders allow this broad day robbery? Why can’t African governments undertake to build industries that can refine this and other products and by so doing, derive more benefits for their citizens?  Why can’t African governments challenge academicians in their polytechnics and universities to come up with prototype machines to champion the processing, packaging and marketing of these minerals? What problems hinder this initiative?

We have often laid the blame to the fact that the curricula of universities in Nigeria are irrelevant. We will re-present our definition of relevant curriculum to be followed by our Macro-Micro Needs Analysis model for refurbishing/revamping curriculum. We will present applications of our Macro-Micro Needs Analysis model in different fields.

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