What is a relevant curriculum?

A relevant curriculum is one that embues/imparts/instills/endows its participants/clients/students/learners with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes  that enables them to harness resources  in their environments in order to remain competitive in the communities of nations and bring about improvement in the quality of lives and  environments. It is not a “bookish” curriculum that stuffs its learners with “cold facts” presented using obsolete teaching methods during which learners are passive receivers of knowledge which they regurgitate in exams. A relevant curriculum is not a certificate – focused  one  in which learners take delight in brandishing first class degree honor’s certificates but are incapable of applying the knowledge and skills acquired to solve simple problems in their society.

How can we refurbish our curricula to enable us produce highly competent and competitive individuals who will be good entrepreneurs able to harness natural resources instead of being perpetual job seekers?

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